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Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Full of detail - now off the open market, but available for even less than the big brokers wanted this summer!
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Prime Clinton Hill 2-Family on one of the quintessential "brownstone Brooklyn blocks" - renovated owner's duplex over garden apartment.
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
One of Bed-Stuy's finest corner houses still available off-market! Full of detail, rental income, and owner's duplex with parking.
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Renovated 4-Family with original detail in prime Clinton. Available off-market at a price perfect for end-users or investors.

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David C. and family

I used HomeCanvasr because my family and I spent months searching for the perfect house but weren't able to find much in our price range and got outbid by investors multiple times. Until we came across HomeCanvasr - HomeCanvasr's strength completely relies on quality over quantity. Instead of being overwhelmed by hundreds of listings (many that are expired), I began seeing incredible unlisted houses in my price range from literally the first email. I didn't have to compete with open house madness and I was actually able to meet and deal directly with the previous owner. I wasn't sure of what to expect but I quickly realized that it has the potential to be the future of personalized home buying in competitive markets like New York. I can without a doubt say that our family would not be in our Crown Heights home today had it not been for HomeCanvasr.
Mother dd725f05ee91783362050521bcfe132e6e573e96e23994920c05f34eb6a3df1d

Reshonah B.

I used HomeCanvasr because I wanted a quiet and private sell. I got exactly what I wanted. A qualified buyer and two awesome guys (Steven and Jonah) who were professional and knowledgeable!
Agent 4266575427ac64e94619474091341a6ea6369e89b29f3f80039162faf7765ffc

Celeste M.

I used HomeCanvasr because as a broker it provides an opportunity to provide privacy, as well as a personal touch to buyers/sellers/real estate professionals. With HomeCanvasr's off-market listings and email "blasts", all parties involved are granted that "one on one" attention that is deserved and hard to find, especially in this market. Thanks, HomeCanvasr for making it a bit easier!

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