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Finding your dream home is extremely frustrating, especially in high demand areas like New York City. Becoming part of our private buyer list allows you to gain an ‘edge’ and get access to properties not available on your local MLS, Streeteasy or the NYTimes.

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The decision to sell your home is extremely difficult - is it the right time, how many people are interested in my home, etc. We make it easy - our real-time buyer data allows you to not only tap into our private database but also gauge interest in your home privately.

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Gone are the days of running around trying to find buyers for your specific exclusive listing. Now you can tap into a private database of personally vetted and ‘direct’ buyers in real-time.

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  • 109 malcolm x blvd
    Bed-Stuy fixer-upper available only on HomeCanvasr for $725,000 cash
  • 231 hancock
    Accepted Offer
    8-Family Gem in Bed-Stuy *not* offered on the 'open market' - INSIDER BROKER SPECIAL!
  • 45 sterling street
    Lefferts garden limestone available off-market
  • 96 decatur
    Updated Bed-Stuy gem available pre-market

Zeke F., Buyer

You would think everybody selling a house puts it on StreetEasy or Zillow, but Jonah showed me dozens of listings I never would have found otherwise.

Sandra W., Buyer

Homecanvasr co-founder Jonah Landman is the real estate aficionado for all things Brooklyn.
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