HomeCanvasr's Matchmaking Solution

How we fix the broken home buying and selling process

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How the broken home buyer/selling process currently works

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Wasting time searching

You search and search tons of listings which you can’t afford. And, yes many listings are not accurate. A few phone calls later and you have hounds of agents calling for your business.

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No comprehensive listing website

Yes, some properties never make it to the ‘open market’ - that’s a fact. Many people miss out on properties which are ‘off the beaten path.’ Some agents do not co-broke so their listings aren’t seen on your typical listing sites like Streeteasy or Trulia; many brokers won’t show buyers listings which they won’t get paid on.

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Decision to sell is hard.

Every homeowners’ decision to sell is complicated - no real-time buyer data exists. Should I sell by myself? Should I use a broker? Is it the right time? Are there buyers looking for what I own? Can I save a 6% commission fee?

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HomeCanvasr's matchmaking solution

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Flexible & private

You have the ability to go from private to public with a click of the button. Have your home shown to only our exclusive buyers or expose & share your home to the open market through our blog and publication partners. Did we mention there are no 6 month commitments or exclusive agreements?

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Real-time buyer data

Home buyers and agents get access to an instant list of ‘direct’ buyers. Leveraging real-time buyer data allows 1.) homeowners to gauge interest privately & making decision to sell easier 2.) agents connect to ‘direct’ buyers; both while gaining access to properties first.

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First access to properties

No more missing out on properties. Our marketplace provides the ability to capture any property or listing; be it a pre-market Corcoran listing, off-market property or a ‘sell curious’ homeowner who wants to sell privately - buyer data matters.

Get started now

Buyers access a private marketplace of properties off the beaten path

You only get a curated list of homes your interested in; no more wasting time searching through every single property. Did we mention that many of our properties aren’t seen anywhere else? Not on Streeteasy nor Zillow or the NYTimes.

Agents now have a personal roladex of direct buyers.

Listing agents can tap into an active database of direct buyers instantly - no need to run around town.. and, yes you do not need to co-broke!

Homeowners can gauge demand for their home instantly

Real-time buyer data allows homeowners to see instantly all the potential buyers who meet their properties’ criteria - all in a private setting. No 6 month listing exclusives. No upfront commission negotiations. Did we mention this is completely private? No ‘days on the market’ clock.

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