Our Story

We are just two ordinary real estate dudes flipping the 'traditional' model on its head - starting in Brooklyn! It’s crazy to think that no one (even Barbara Corcoran herself) can tell buyers exactly how many brownstones are for sale in Brooklyn. And no one can tell sellers exactly how many buyers are looking in a specific area - or what exactly they are looking for! We have a burning desire to make this home buyer data available and transparent to homeowners and listings brokers; and in doing so attain access to properties first!

Our Mission

We strive to become the 'most comprehensive real estate platform for NYC'. Our buyer-focused platform leverages real-time buyer data to provide access to properties not available on the 'open market' - be it a Corcoran listing before it hits the REBNY vendor sites, small local 'off-market' broker deals, or just your local FSBO (For Sale By Owner) that wants to sell privately.

The Team

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Jonah Landman


Jonah is one of the foremost real estate experts in Brownstone Brooklyn. Since the inception of his blog "BK to the Fullest", buyers have come to him for help and expertise finding, evaluating, and strategizing the acquisition of property. In the past 4 years, Jonah has consulted dozens of first time home buyers, serial renovators, investors, sellers, and brokers on real estate transactions totalling over $75 Million dollars. His passion for navigating the fractured New York real estate market and understanding the nuances and idiosyncracies of the industry is unparalleled.

As seen in the New York Times...http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/11/nyregion/in-chaos-of-brooklyn-housing-market-giving-buyers-an-advantage.html?_r=0

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Steven Szczur


Steven has spent several years across the river in Northern New Jersey navigating the ‘world of real estate’. His personally experience as both a real estate professional & investor has prompted an unique perspective on the industry; realizing a lack of transparency on the home buyer side of the market - a tremendous opportunity to change an industry which has been slow to adapt new & innovative concepts.